Additional Procedures

In addition to asylum and residency producers outlined above, there are two major procedures that are important for the asylum process.

  1. Dublin Procedure: figures out which country is responsible for your asylum application. Reasons for this include: 
    1. The documents that you submitted to the “Vreemdelingenpolitie” or the ‘Koninklijke Marechaussee” indicate that you traveled through different EU countries before arriving in the NL. This might indicate that a different country is responsible for your application
    2. The “Vreemdelingenpolitie” or the ‘Koninklijke Marechaussee” found your fingerprints in the Eurodac and/or EUVIS system which register all people who have requested an asylum-seeking application elsewhere 

Simplified Procedure: If you come from a country which is deemed safe or from another country in the EU, you undergo an accelerated procedure

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