Almost all Dutch universities offer initiatives that support refugees. From language and preparatory courses to job opportunities for researchers. Refugees with a residence permit have the same rights and obligations as any other Dutch person, meaning that refugees below the age of 30 have the right to financial support from DUO. In order to enroll for Dutch language programs, refugees must pass the State Examination NT2-II, and for the English language programs, they must pass the IELTS or TOEFL exam. Furthermore, refugees must have received a sufficient secondary or higher education to enroll. Previous education will be evaluated by the International Credential Evaluation (IDW). If the previous education obtained is insufficient, refugees can partake in an entrance examination. The type of examination differs per institution. The following challenges are often faced by refugees wanting to study in the Netherlands; language deficiency, non-recognition of foreign diplomas, limited study facilities at the COA, psychological challenges, financial expenses, and others. Additional support can therefore be highly effective.

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