Language Courses

The Universities listed below offer Dutch language courses that prepare refugees to pass the State exam II (NT2-II).

University of Amsterdam
For refugees who have not taken the State Exam yet, the UoA offers various levels of Dutch language courses, from CEFR 0 to B2 level. Click here to view the courses on offer.

For refugees who have already completed the State Exam but wish to perfect their Dutch language skills in order to function optimally in a Dutch working environment, the UoA offers two language training programs. Click here to view the courses on offer.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Everyone who fills out an application for the language course at the VU will be grouped according to their level of Dutch. Together, applicants will work on Dutch reading, listening, and speaking skills.

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus University offers various language courses at the Language & Training Centre (LTC). The following website will direct you to the program.

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