Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations

Asylum Procedure

During Procedure

During the asylum-seeking process, there is a range of organizations which refugees will encounter. The main organization is the Immigratie-en Naturalisatiedienst (Immigration and naturalizations Service) or IND which is the governmental organization in charge of everything regarding immigration to The Netherlands. The IND is a branch of the Ministry of Justice and Security, and handles the naturalization process of immigrants and refugees into The Netherlands. The Centraal Orgaan Opvang Asielzoekers (COA) is focused on processing asylum applications, the COA is involved in the initial retrieval of asylum seeks to the relocation to a municipality in The Netherlands.

There are a number of other organizations which are involved in the initial asylum-seeking procedure. Including the vreemdelingenpolitie (Aliens police, aliens police department, identification, and people trafficking) (AVIM) which is the department of the Dutch police directly involved with research into large-scale crime, such as human trafficking and identity fraud. The Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland (Dutch Council for Refugees) works both during and after the asylum-seeking process, working to provide assistance to refugees during each step of the process from initial entry to legal residency. The Raad voor Rechtbijstand (Legal Aid Board) which provides legal assistance to refugees during their asylum process.

After Decision

Following the initial asylum procedure there are several governmental organizations which work with refugees. Refugees will continue to be contacted by the IND who will oversee their residency in The Netherlands. If a refugees case is rejected by the IND the Dienst Terugkeer en Vertrek (Repatriation and Departure Service) assists in the return to country of origin. The Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (Custodial Institutions Agency) (DJI) is also involved in the deportation process acting o realize the detention of convicted individuals. 

Entering the Job Market

There are several organizations which assist refugee in finding a job after they have been placed into a municipality. Some of these organizations are Newbees, Makers Unite, Hack your future, Delite Labs, and Forward Incubator


Once a refugee is placed in a municipality there are several organizations which provide a wide range of localized support. These include but are not limited to stichting Nieuwe Alphenaren, welkomplein Den Bosch, stichting nieuw thuis Rotterdam, and stichting tolerance Ziest. The majority of these organizations provide services such as language skills, integration classes, and assistance with municipality level issues.

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