Preparatory and Bridging Courses

The Universities listed below offer preparatory courses that give refugees the opportunity to develop the skills required to start higher education. 

Leiden University
This program offers refugees between age 18-30 the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to start a Dutch higher education. Read more about the program.

Erasmus University
During the Erasmus preparatory year, students learn Dutch language skills and other civic integration courses, English, mathematics, and computer and study skills. The skills gained will allow applicants to successfully start a bachelor’s program. Read more about the program.

University of Groningen
This program prepares refugees and asylum seekers with a B1 in Dutch to study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences or the University of Groningen. The program consists of compulsory subjects in Dutch, English, social orientation, and orientation on the Dutch labor market alongside courses in physics, chemistry, mathematics a/b, biology economics, or history. Read more about the program.

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